Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Bestselling Author R. Barri Flowers Featured in Magazine

CVH Ist Class Magazine, an International Humanitarian non profit publication, is very proud to present to our worldwide readers the legendary award winning novelist R Barri Flowers. He is the Author King of Criminology and all his books are mesmerising, gripping and brilliant. He is multi talented and here in this issue his Romantic Novel, Forever Sweethearts, is heart warming and realistic joy and tears a must read it's ideal to be adapted to a television series or a movie. We in CVH 1st Class Media salute and respect this great genius.

This month's issue of CVH 1st Class Magazine features Screenwriter, Novelist, and Bestselling True Crime Writer R Barri Flowers. Mr. Flowers has written more that 100 books and numerous short stories.
Check out the piece written by fabulous editor-in-chief Christina Howard, along with the many other terrific articles in the outstanding CVH 1st Class Magazine.


Saturday, January 14, 2017

Murdered in the Gourmet Kitchen (Riley Reed Cozy Mysteries, Book 2)

Murdered in the Gourmet Kitchen is the sequel to the popular Riley Reed cozy mystery, Murdered in the Man Cave, by bestselling crime writer R. Barri Flowers.

Interior design consultant Riley Reed’s blog is full of helpful advice on home d├ęcor, custom furnishings, lighting, and renovation in the town of Cozy Pines, Oregon. At forty-four and happily single, Riley once again finds herself immersed in a tantalizing murder mystery.

Riley recently helped her widowed friend Suzanne Crier, the director of Cozy House, a local battered women’s shelter, remodel the aging kitchen of her Victorian residence. After turning it into a fabulous gourmet kitchen, Riley is invited over with a few other friends to celebrate the completion.

Arriving early, Riley brings along her own casserole. After freshening up in the bathroom, she returns to find Suzanne dead on the hardwood floor of the gourmet kitchen. Her head had been bashed in with Riley’s own casserole dish.

And now she’s considered a suspect in the murder. While fighting to clear her name, Riley finds there is more than one person who could be the true killer--including a man who looks a lot like Nathaniel Crier, Suzanne’s abusive financier husband, who allegedly committed suicide three years ago. But did he really? Or did he come back from the grave to haunt her to death literally?

As Riley sleuths around the official police investigation, a desperate and devious killer will stop at nothing to stay in the shadows, even if it means adding Riley to a growing list of victims.

Fans of cozy mysteries will love Murdered in the Gourmet Kitchen as Riley tries to stop a killer in his or her tracks and avoid joining her friend Suzanne in the grave.

Included is a bonus excerpt of book 3 of the Riley Reed Cozy Mysteries, Murdered in the Luxury Suite, in which Riley attends an interior design convention on Maui, Hawaii, where murder mars paradise.

An extra bonus is a sneak peek at the bestselling author’s first book in an upcoming new cozy series, A Dead Inn Street: A Victoria Price Cozy Mystery, in which Victoria, a retired judge, finds that retirement can be murder.