Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Murder in Honolulu: A Leila Kahana Mystery

From the bestselling author of MURDER IN MAUI, comes a new an island mystery novel, MURDER IN HONOLULU: A Skye Delaney Mystery.

Skye Delaney is a private investigator, security consultant, and ex cop who lives in Waikiki. When her ex husband and former prosecutor turned businessman, Carter Delaney, asks her to find out if his new wife, Darlene, is having an affair, Skye reluctantly agrees to take his case. Little does she know that it will turn out to be far more than infidelity.

Before Skye can confirm his suspicions, she finds Carter dead in her Jacuzzi bath tub, an apparent suicide note stuffed in his mouth. Did he really take his own life with so much to live for? Or was Carter murdered?

The one thing Syke knew for certain was that her German Shepherd, Ollie, had bitten an intruder, who happened to have a AB negative blood type. As did Carter. Coincidence?

As Skye continues to get deeper and deeper into Carter’s death with the assistance of her boyfriend Ridge Larsen, a homicide detective for the Honolulu Police Department, she learns that Carter had a lot of secrets and just as many enemies, including his cheating wife

MURDER IN HONOLULU is first book in an exciting new Hawaii mystery series, featuring Skye Delaney.

"Infidelity and murder in paradise lead to a one of a kind case for PI Skye McKenzie Delaney, and an enjoyable ride for the reader.... A story that will grip you to the end. Definitely put this one on your list." -- John Lutz Edgar Award winner and bestselling mystery author

"An exquisitely rich and masterfully constructed mystery.... A savvy, smooth, and sumptuous read that's as hot as Waikiki beach sand." --Jon Land, bestselling author of Strong Vengeance

"Go ahead. Take a trip to Hawaii. MURDER IN HONOLULU is your ticket. As long you don't mind a surprise around every corner, Skye Delaney will be your streetwise guide." -- Camille Kimball, author of What She Always Wanted

"Intriguing mystery in a tropical paradise with a dynamic PI. A compelling, intriguing read." -- Allen Wyler, author of Dead Wrong

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